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I really regret I didn't start collecting cels some years ago, when I could have found some good Fushigi yuugi cel on sale in order to make a wonderful couple with my Ayashi no ceres collection.Anyhow, are few months I started collecting cels...December 2003, and I begun with a Tooya cel. Now, I hope to have some good cel here to show you, since I buy them only because I love them ^^ and I hope you love them, too. I'm not good at using the scanner, so many times I had to use the shop's image...too small sometimes ;__;. To be honest, I'm also afraid of ruin my cels ^^;.
Anyway, have a good tour of my small collection of Ayashi no Ceres Cel! Yuu Watase, I love you!


 Broken heart


 A Sad Cry


 Tennyo Chidori



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